About me

Hi, I am Nikolay Andonov.

I love developing electronic things.

I have been interested in electronics since I was at school. I was very keen on radio electronics and Ham radio.

I have started my experience in microprocessors a long, long time ago with 8bit Intel 8080. I was very happy when I built a simple platform with 8080, RAM 2KB, ROM 2KB, PPI 8155, CRT 8275, hundreds of wires and I could see the symbols I was writing on keyboard, on my home TV!

I love robots, flying toys, I have an airplane and a helicopter, but I feel a beginner. After some crashes, I decided first to spend time on simulators on my computer, but can’t really find the time.

I decided to make this blog to share my ideas and opinion and I hope that I’ll have enough time to do it.

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